Do You Know the Difference Between Basic and Gourmet Cooking?

There is really only one qualification for being classified as a gourmet cook. You have to know how to cook from scratch with or without a recipe. This is the basic standard of preparing gourmet dishes. Basic cooking is knowing how to open a can of beans and slice some bread to go with it. Gourmet cooking is knowing how to open a can of beans and layering it on sliced grilled franks and adding melted American cheese on top.The fact is when it comes to gourmet cooking there is a little more of the extraordinary over that of just slapping together a meal.Does one need to go to a chef’s culinary institute to become a gourmet cook?If you went to a chef’s culinary institute, you would graduate with a degree that would let you work in some of the finest restaurants in the world. If you learned the basics of cooking like how to fry an egg and not burn the bacon, you could work in some of the restaurants that offer breakfasts at reasonable prices.When is a basic restaurant cook also a gourmet cook?If a cook at a fast foods restaurant did not follow the plan in preparing his product, he would be fired. A short order cook is also trained in certain basic cooking techniques. Improvisation and a sense of refined judgment in presentation and taste are not required for basic cooking but are a must for a gourmet cook. Understanding this difference is the key to learning the art of a gourmet cook. It’s like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle where you always have the final big picture in mind.

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